Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



1) How do I place an order?

> Answer:

i) For NEW customers with NO artwork ready. We provide FREE simple designing service. Just follow these few steps:

    a) Just take a picture with your smart phone or scan your item that need to be printed and email it to us >>

    b) Tell us briefly what you want to print. eg: flyer/name card etc

    c) We will design it and email back to you for confirmation. An Unique FILE name indicating your design will be sent together with the email.

   d) To confirm and order product>> to go our MyStore website, click on the relevant page and order your item. Add the Unique File name to the remark section in the order page.

´╗┐ii) For returning customers OR customers with artwork ready / Designers

    > Log in (if you already have an account or sign up if you are new)

    > Browse & choose our products to print

    > Upload your file in the order page 

    > Checkout your cart & pay

    > log out

2) Is there any minimum purchase?
> Answer: No minimum purchase.


1) What is the shipping and postage charges?

> Answer: We utilise the services of Malaysia Poslaju (2-3 days delivery) postal service. Our rates are based on the weight and dimension of your items. You can check the shipping charges in your shopping cart before check out.

2) Will I be informed of the delivery?

> Answer:  We will update you by email together with tracking number once the packages are sent out.

3) How long do I need to wait to receive my order?

> Answer: After the stipulated production time (varies from items), it will be shipped out on same day and will be delivered to you within 2- 3 working days via Malaysia Poslaju. Tracking number will be forwared to you when the shipment is shipped out. Working days are not inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays. More info at our information tab: Shipping/ Returns & Package tracking


1) Is there extra charges for payment by credit or debit cards and PayPal?

> Answer: There are no extra charges for credit or debit cards and PayPal payment. Additional costs will be barred by MyStore´╗┐.

2) Do you have any other payment methods besides Paypal?

> Answer: Yes. Our other payment methods are:

  A) Direct bank transfer bank / bank wire (to Maybank)

  B) Cash direct deposit (to Maybank)

  C) Cheque direct deposit  but it is limited to Malaysian customers only (to Maybank)

  D) Cash On Delivery > Terms & conditions apply

More info at our information tab:  Payment & Privacy

3) Why do you need the 50% downpayment for the Cash On Delivery transaction? 

>Answer:  Throughout the period of operation as an online print store, we have encounter various orders which the customer do not pay when we delivery to them. This is not because the order is wrongly printed. But is because they do not require it any more and refuse to pay for it. We have to bare the cost for shipping and return as well. And not forgetting the cost to print the item. We think that our terms and conditions are fair for both sides. If you have any comments or suggestions on how to make it better, please feel free to email us at We welcome all comments and suggestions.

4) Why is there an additional RM15 "Cash On Delivery" fee.

> Answer: This payment is to pay for the cost incurred by the courier company for providing the service to collect the balance payment from the customer and sending it  back to us.



1) Can I Change my design/artwork after uploading to you?

> Answer: No. You may NOT change the design/artwork after uploading to us. Please ensure you have checked your design/artwork before uploading to us. We will process all orders immediately when it is uploaded to our system. This is to unsure that we meet our stipulated timeline for production and delivery.

2) Will I get 100% colour accuracy of my design/artwork?

We strive to give you the most accurate colour print out as possible. But in fact, no one in the printing industry can promise you a 100% colour accuracy of your design/artwork. Please see our Order & Printing information for more detail about colour accuracy.



1) Can I use more than 1 voucher per transcation?

> Answer:  Only one (1) voucher can be used per transaction unless notify by MyStore management. 

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